Antique chests (Tansu) directly from Japan

Since 2009 we are importing antique chests (Tansu) directly from Japan.
Our familiy business is located in Berlin.
Inspired by the timeless beautyness of Japanese handicraft, we are happy to deliver our tansu from Berlin europeanwide.
Our customers are from Germany, Spain, French, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands... so we're experienced in international shipping.

We speak English, French, German and of course Japanese... so if you ever have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask.
If you are looking for some special Japanese antiques let us know. We are connected to antiques dealers in Japan, so we will try to find a possibility to get the item you need.

In addition to our Tansus we have paravents and Japanese buddhist artwork.

Feel yourself invited to visit our showroom in Berlin after making an appointment. While having a cup of Japanese tea enjoy the charisma of old Japanese handicraft.


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